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  • Brazil – Assessing the impact of IOF removal - Updated Wed June 5, 2013

    • Brazil has removed the IOF to encourage debt portfolio inflows and slow the pace of BRL weakening • Using our unique SC FIRST framework, we estimate the potential eventual impact of the removal at up to USD 30bn • IOF implementation had a clear ...

  • SC FIRST – EM/DM spreads to narrow further - Updated Thu May 9, 2013

    • SC FIRST gives direction, spread and relative-value signals for EM bonds • Our strongest signal for this month is for further EM/DM spread compression, a macro view we hold • RV signal has now turned positive for MYR bonds: we extend the target...

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Technology: Reshaping the global economy

Digital technology is transforming the economy and society. Adoption, not invention, has the most economic impact. Technology can lift developed countries if they embrace change. New technologies offer more opportunities than challenges for emerging markets.