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  • Asia economy trackers – Slight improvement vs Q4 - Updated Fri April 10, 2015

    Trackers signalling stronger Q1 GDP growth outnumber those signalling weaker growth • Trackers for China, Australia and Japan suggest a soft performance in Q1-2015 • Trackers for India, South Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong indicate stronger growth ...

  • Asia – Breaking with the bearish view - Updated Tue February 24, 2015

    After meeting clients around Asia and the US, we find the mood to be subdued but optimistic long-term • We are less bearish on China’s growth prospects due to property- and debt-related factors • Confusion reigns over monetary policy reaction fun...

  • China – Our big real-estate developer survey - Updated Fri February 6, 2015

    Our proprietary survey of 30 developers suggests that a mild recovery is on the horizon • Sales are slow and buyers remain cautious despite modest price cuts and discounts • However, respondents expect construction activity to accelerate this yea...

  • China – Introducing our SME Confidence Index - Updated Wed September 17, 2014

    We introduce the SMEI, our survey-based measure of activity and sentiment in China’s SME sector • The August SMEI fell to 58.7 from 59.0, indicating difficult business conditions amid high financing costs • The SMEI will help to gauge the economy’...

  • Asia – Three counter-attacks - Updated Tue June 17, 2014

    Asia’s leverage issues are confined to certain pockets and are not an across-the-board concern • Asia’s productivity performance has been solid across the board since 2000 • It is not an 'importless' recovery in the West – we expect external dem...

  • Asia Focus – Clearing skies - Updated Wed October 9, 2013

    We see growth improving across the region, despite recent financial-market distress. Fretting over the growth outlook because of portfolio outflows is missing the point, in our view. We think more optimism is in order, as simultaneous growth in majo...

  • Asia leverage uncovered - Updated Mon July 1, 2013

    The following is a joint research report from the Equity and Regional Research teams. Two versions of the report are available; the Equity Research version includes additional company-specific content. • Unprecedented approach to systemic credit r...

  • Global monetary conditions – US versus China - Updated Tue June 25, 2013

    We introduce our Global Monetary Conditions Index and provide sensitivity estimates to policy changes • China has the fastest and highest M2 growth but global liquidity is dominated by the US • Currently, USD 10bn created by the Fed adds USD 24bn ...

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