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  • Taming the Gini: Inequality in perspective - Updated Wed July 16, 2014

    • Inequality is rising within most countries, though the data may exaggerate the increase • Inequality between countries is falling and the numbers in absolute poverty have declined significantly • New technology is favouring high-skilled workers ...

  • Global trade unbundled - Updated Mon April 28, 2014

    • Trade is set to accelerate, but patterns will change • Faster GDP growth in Europe and the US will boost world trade, after a weak performance in 2012-13. • We believe the trade-GDP growth ratio can return to the 1.3-1.5 range. • Recent agree...

  • The super-cycle lives: EM growth is key - Updated Wed November 6, 2013

    In 2010 we argued that fast growth in emerging markets (EM) and their increasing weight in world GDP was driving an economic super-cycle. We have lowered our forecasts for China, India and others, but the case broadly still holds (see Part 1). • We...

  • United States – Low inflation is a wild card - Updated Thu July 11, 2013

    PCE inflation is set to undershoot Fed target of 2% till 2015; downside risks prevail on soft commodity prices • The Fed views the current low inflation prints as ‘temporary’; its focus is on the labour market • Low inflation is unlikely to worry ...

  • United States – Tapering looming, yields to rise more - Updated Tue July 9, 2013

    We expect the Fed to reduce its QE programme by USD 10bn in September, but this is still a close call • Soft data is likely over the summer, but recent strong job gains are enough for the Fed to proceed • QE will likely end in Q2-2014; the Fed is ...

  • United States – Fed likely to emphasise gradualism - Updated Fri June 14, 2013

    Chairman Bernanke is set to hint that policy tightening remains distant as the economy is still fragile • We still expect the Fed to start reducing QE in January, although risks are skewed towards an earlier date • The underlying momentum is softe...

  • United States – Set for faster growth in H2 - Updated Fri May 24, 2013

    Moderating headwinds and ongoing private-sector strength should lead to an acceleration in H2 • Robust business investment, the housing recovery and slower household deleveraging should underpin medium-term growth • We see the Fed continuing with...

  • Fixing the developed countries – US leads the way - Updated Thu May 23, 2013

    Our scorecard suggests the US has now largely recovered from the 2008 crisis; only a ‘lost half-decade’ • Japan and the UK are behind; Spain still has a long way to go • We focus on progress in balance sheet adjustment and the effectiveness of mon...

  • United States – Set for faster growth - Updated Thu April 18, 2013

    Housing and investment point to an accelerating recovery • The fiscal drag could lead to a hiccup in Q2; we see a rebound in H2 • The shale gas boom is a major boost to competitiveness and growth...

  • Canada – Healthy resource economy - Updated Thu April 18, 2013

    Growth has slowed in 2013 as the housing boom cools • A stronger US economy points to renewed strength soon • Stable politics and low corporate tax rates are attracting business...

  • United States – The ‘spring swoon’ strikes again - Updated Tue April 9, 2013

    Private investment and household spending were solid in Q1; we raise our Q1 growth forecast to 3.2% • Recent data point to a soft Q2 as fiscal headwinds intensify; we still expect activity to accelerate in H2 • Talk of tapering Fed bond-buying i...

  • Canada – Slow momentum to keep rates low - Updated Wed April 3, 2013

    • Canada’s economy has slowed and we revise lower our 2013 GDP forecast • The housing boom, partly fuelled by Asian money, has halted; we do not expect a bust • Prospects for oil depend on expanding pipeline capacity • We push back the next BoC r...

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