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  • 10-Oct – China’s strong September surplus - Updated Thu October 9, 2014

    Top 3 data/events • India – Moderating CPI should be in line with the RBI’s target • Singapore – GDP growth to improve modestly • Canada – Record drop in private payrolls likely reversed in September • Market focus • Export growth adds to reco...

  • 09-Oct – FOMC: Considerably cautious - Updated Wed October 8, 2014

    Top 3 data/events • Philippines – Robust export growth likely to continue • China – Credit growth remains in low gear • India – Industrial production likely to remain weak • Market focus • Fed Minutes had a dovish undertone, revealing worries ...

  • 06-Dec – India’s state election signal - Updated Thu December 5, 2013

    Top 3 data/events • China – November macro data to be in focus next week • Japan – October current account likely remained in surplus • United States – The Fed will likely take a holistic view of Friday’s data • Market focus • Indian state el...

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Technology: Reshaping the global economy

Digital technology is transforming the economy and society. Adoption, not invention, has the most economic impact. Technology can lift developed countries if they embrace change. New technologies offer more opportunities than challenges for emerging markets.