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  • Silk Road: China commodity trade - Updated Tue October 28, 2014

    China’s oil and copper demand was strong in September • Demand for other commodities was weak; the macroeconomic outlook is for a further slowdown in Q4 • We expect copper and oil demand to remain more robust than demand for most other commodities...

  • Silk Road: China’s commodity trade - Updated Mon September 22, 2014

    Commodity import data for China implies a divergent set of demand circumstances across sectors • Implied oil demand has rebounded to 3.4% growth, from a y/y decline seen in the previous release • Robust copper and zinc demand despite the economy; ...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon September 1, 2014

    • ETF: Precious metal outflows dominate the ETF investor space following Jackson Hole • CFTC: Speculators’ bearishness on energy and precious metals continues to grow ...

  • Silk Road – China commodity trade - Updated Thu August 21, 2014

    • July commodity data shows areas of economic strength but also a setback in the economic recovery • Weaker metal imports, offset by output and stock draws, result in strongest demand levels so far in 2014 • Crude oil imports are depressed by slug...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon August 4, 2014

    • ETF: All commodity sectors, except silver, saw positive ETF flows • CFTC: Cumulative net spec money outflows continue – this time from energy and metals ...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon July 28, 2014

    • ETF: Positive flows into broad index funds; gold outflows as US jobless claims fall to an eight-year low • CFTC: A fourth consecutive weekly decline in aggregate net spec driven by oil products and grains ...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon July 14, 2014

    • ETF: Fund flows were positive across the complex with the exception of agriculturals • CFTC: Speculators have diverted positioning from energy and agriculturals into metals ...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon July 7, 2014

    • ETF: Gold inflows were strong earlier in the week in the run-up to US economic data releases • CFTC: Bullish sentiment towards precious metals offsets bearish sentiment towards energy, agriculture ...

  • Silent running - Updated Thu July 3, 2014

    • A time to position for (uneven) growth – The global recovery remains very uneven, and in the post-2008 world, the growth trajectory remains flatter (and longer) than in a conventional economic cycle. We expect the next phase of the global cycle to...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Tue June 10, 2014

    • ETF: A strong USD drives flows out of broad-index and gold funds • CFTC: Aggregate net spec flow is bearish as short positioning grows across agriculturals and gold/silver ...

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