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  • Metals Standard – Price jitters - Updated Tue September 23, 2014

    • Metals prices have come under pressure in late Q3, driven by concerns over China’s economy • We see exposure to China’s property sector as a key performance differentiator going forward • Aluminium is the LME base metal best insulated from th...

  • Q4 – Divergence - Updated Tue September 23, 2014

    Overview • Macro outlook • FX outlook • Rates outlook • Commodity outlook • Corporate strategy • Central bank strategy...

  • Silk Road: China’s commodity trade - Updated Mon September 22, 2014

    Commodity import data for China implies a divergent set of demand circumstances across sectors • Implied oil demand has rebounded to 3.4% growth, from a y/y decline seen in the previous release • Robust copper and zinc demand despite the economy; ...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon September 15, 2014

    ETF: Gold investors return, but overall momentum remains bearish; oil investors see a break in support • CFTC: Speculative flows showing signs of bottoming, but metals still susceptible to further corrections...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon September 8, 2014

    ETF: Gold outflows dominate commodity ETF space as ECB and BoJ attempt to boost their economies • CFTC: Energy and metal speculative outflows continue with few signs of letting up ...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon September 1, 2014

    • ETF: Precious metal outflows dominate the ETF investor space following Jackson Hole • CFTC: Speculators’ bearishness on energy and precious metals continues to grow ...

  • Metals Standard – Deficit dynamics - Updated Wed August 27, 2014

    We launch our new regular metals publication, which contains detailed supply-demand analysis • Deficit dynamics and higher prices are likely to be the key base metal trend over the next 2-3 years • Off-warrant inventory levels and sluggish China d...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon August 25, 2014

    ETF: Gold inflows were strong before prices declined; a positive ETF-flow pattern is forming • CFTC: Outflows continue, with precious metals leading the way; agricultural flows are stagnant...

  • Silk Road – China commodity trade - Updated Thu August 21, 2014

    • July commodity data shows areas of economic strength but also a setback in the economic recovery • Weaker metal imports, offset by output and stock draws, result in strongest demand levels so far in 2014 • Crude oil imports are depressed by slug...

  • Commodity investor flows - Updated Mon August 18, 2014

    ETF: Investor flows were calm last week; silver inflows offset energy and agricultural outflows • CFTC: Precious-metal inflows offset bearishness in base metals; gold-silver ratio seems overextended...

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